A Note From our Clients: Dana & Rick C.

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Frey & Son Homes

Hi Barry,

Three years ago we built our home with Frey & Son. We have absolutely loved our home from day one, and we have loved your staff right from the beginning. Ric Bonasera was our contact. We grew to be good friends…it broke my heart that he never saw us move in.💔 We came to love Phil and Natalie, they are amazing people and took such great care of us.

But never, in my wildest dreams, would I ever imagine, after sitting in the dark with no running water for almost a week…would I see Phil…pulling up to my house with a cavalry of cars from Frey and Son, to save the day! They hopped out, and said, we’re here to give you some electricity and water! My eyes literally welled. I can’t even believe they would be SO KIND as to take time out of their day, to save ours.

They went right to work. When the power alarm in my house rang I was overwhelmed. I started to cry.  They gave me power, septic, water, fans were running…my storm screen had been down for a week they lifted it…it was overwhelming.

Barry…we love our house…we would rebuild with Frey & Son 10 times over. But even more than that, I am completely overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of your staff. You have the most incredible, generous people working for you. Their hearts are simply huge.




Your most grateful homeowners ever,

Dana & Rick C.