During your contract, selections process and through to the closing of your new home, your Sales Associate will keep you informed on the progress of your new home with photos, e-mails and phone calls. Beyond that communication however, we also have a 6 step structured process to guarantee a smooth building experience for you.


Design Appointment

Working with our professional design coordinator, you will customize your home, selecting from a wide variety of finishes to complete your home just the way you envision it.

Pre-Construction Meeting

You will have an opportunity to meet the homebuilding team, the professionals who will make the dream a reality. This is an opportunity to review your selections and ask any questions you may have about the building process.

Pre-Drywall Walk

This walk-through is an important opportunity to check all the plumbing, heating, air-conditioning and electrical locations before drywall is hung.

Quality Inspection

This is performed by the construction team and a senior manager in conjunction with your sales associate and design coordinator who will verify that all of the components you have requested are complete and that the home meets all Frey & Son Homes quality standards.

Pre-Closing Walk-through

This is your final walk-through before closing on your new home. The production manager will orient you on the operations of the mechanical systems in your home. Any items you would like addressed at that time will be noted on an inspection sheet and will be completed within 14 days of closing.

30-Day Follow-up

Once you have an opportunity to settle into your new home, there may be some minor adjustments that need attention. We want to make sure these get addressed. Your full warranty continues through the first year with an additional two-year coverage on the structural, roofing and mechanical systems. Communicate any requests you have to the warranty team who will get all pertinent items addressed for you in a timely manner.

Our goal is to make your homebuilding process an exciting and pleasant experience. These scheduled steps help us to achieve that.

Our goal is to make your homebuilding process an exciting and pleasurable experience. These scheduled steps help us to achieve that.

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