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Master Bedroom Locations — Pros and Cons

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As you’re designing your dream home, there are so many details to consider. Before you even think about wall colors, flooring materials, and furniture pieces, however, you’ll need to get one of the most important details in order: the layout of the rooms in your home.

If you’re building a custom home, you have the unique opportunity to select a floorplan that closely fits your needs, and then adjust the home’s features to be exactly as you want them. That’s why it’s so important to be thoughtful about the location of certain rooms. The location of your master bedroom will make a huge difference in your experience living in the home once it’s built.

Should you put your master suite upstairs or downstairs — or in front or in back? It can be difficult to figure out exactly where your primary bedroom should go, but luckily, we’ve compiled some pros and cons regarding where the main suite should be located in your home.

Master Suite: Upstairs or Downstairs?

Deciding whether to build your master suite upstairs or downstairs depends on your personal needs, as both levels can create optimal conditions for a primary bedroom.

First-floor master bedrooms are optimal for people who want to have easy access to the room without having to climb stairs. This location can be great for those with disabilities or retired homeowners looking to age in place, as it removes a major barrier to entry to the suite.

However, since the first floor also contains the kitchen and common areas in most homes, a first-floor master likely won’t feel as quiet and sequestered as a second-floor suite.

Second-floor master bedrooms are more removed from the busier areas of the house, which helps to provide a quiet place for resting. However, using stairs to reach a second-floor room can pose a challenge for disabled or elderly residents.

Master Suite: Front or Back of the House?

When you build your master suite in the front of your home, you can always be aware of the comings and goings on your property and enjoy a view of your neighborhood. This can give some homeowners peace of mind, as they will feel less removed from what’s happening on the street.

However, building your main suite in the front of the house means you’ll have to contend with more street noise and light pollution. Additionally, bedrooms in the front of a house are less private, as the windows will be visible from the street.

Building a master suite in the back of your home provides a much greater level of privacy and quiet. Many Frey & Son Homes feature a master suite that spans the entire depth of the house, enabling homeowners to enjoy both front and back views.

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