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Top Kitchen Design Ideas for the Modern Home

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As we make our way closer to the start of a brand new year, we’re looking forward to all of the new ideas and designs that will be unveiled to help make life in the home better and even more beautiful. As one of the most important areas of the home, the kitchen has many purposes. From preparing meals to entertaining guests, the kitchen is the place where company congregates. In today’s home, there are many trends that help make the flow of the home better, such as open floorplans and indoor/outdoor living areas; however, the kitchen could use a revamp. When it comes to today’s kitchen, here are some of the top kitchen design ideas for the modern home.

Natural Stone

First off, let’s talk beauty. The modern home incorporates may natural elements into the space, one of which being natural stone. From marble to granite to quartz, the kitchen is quickly embracing these stone elements with ease. Durable, a breeze to maintain and exquisitely beautiful, natural stone in the kitchen can be used in areas, such as:

  • Counter tops

  • Backsplashes

  • Flooring

  • Islands

Natural stone isn’t just for the outdoor living area anymore and the kitchen isn’t just limited to granite either. Designers predict the strong return of natural stone, like veined marble, in this area of the home. The kitchen doesn’t need to just be a functional space…it deserves to be stylish too.

Convenience in the Kitchen

As the home continues to get “smarter” and with new technology emerging everyday, the kitchen should be no exception. Smart home technology allows for seamless operation of many aspects of the home from door locks and security systems to appliances, lighting and thermostats. All of these aspects create a more functional home. The kitchen has seen convenience in the form of smart refrigerators and ovens to microwaves and touchless faucets.

One of the newer features we should expect to see in the new year are handleless cabinets. No, they’re not automated, but they do offer more convenience and a modern look in the kitchen. Simple touch operation makes it quicker to access your kitchen items and provides a minimalistic look that has become increasingly popular throughout the years. Some homeowners are opting for recessed handles as well to help keep the look of the kitchen dialed into the modern day design trends.

Storage Features

The kitchen has a tendency to become cluttered, more so than many other areas of the home. That’s why many homes are being designed with large and luxurious pantries that include the following:

  • Modular shelving

  • Granite tops

  • Back splashes

  • Pot storage

  • Extra electrical outlets

  • Wine storage

  • Spice organizers

  • Appliance storage

This helps keep this room organized, so that all items can be accessed quickly and safely. Plus, it helps you keep track of everything, so that no food spoils and nothing becomes lost.

Double Islands

As we strive for more functionality, the kitchen is beginning to take on a much larger role in the home, and thus, it’s becoming bigger. With this larger design, many builders and designers are implementing double islands into this space. With more room needed to prepare meals and congregate, the idea of double islands makes it easy and effortless to prepare food on one island and entertain guests on the other.

The kitchen is evolving into one of the main living areas of the home, used for many purposes. This is why the kitchen is experiencing a well-needed revamp into the modern world of home and design. We’re excited to see the ever-evolving design trends as we look toward the new year!

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