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Steps for Choosing the Right Floorplan for Your Family

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A new home, whether it’s a new build or a remodel, can be an exciting endeavor. You’re able to customize this home to fit your needs and style, and the possibilities for design are seemingly endless. One of the major decisions you will need to make when moving into a new home is what type of floorplan you wish to include, and this decision is a big one. After all, the flow of your home is essential to your everyday lifestyle, and a bad flow can be problematic. Choosing the right fit for your project is a big step, but don’t worry…we’re here to help. Here are some of the most important steps for choosing the right floorplan for your family.

Find Your Style

You will need a floorplan that matches your vision and works with the needs of your family. If you have children or wish to entertain guests regularly, an open concept floorplan may make life easier, as you’re able to watch over an entire area with ease. If you’d rather have a bit more privacy in the home, a traditional floorplan may make more sense. It all depends on what you wish to do in your home and what you want to get out of your floorplan.

Another choice you’ll need to make is the type of home that you desire. You’ll need to decide between a condo, attached villa or a single-family home, one-story or multiple stories, and so on. For families with children, a condo may seem too small, making a single-family home more manageable for the family. The needs of your home depend on the needs of your family, so it’s important to iron out this important detail in the beginning.

Set Your Budget & Expectations

Being realistic in the home building process is imperative and creating a realistic budget and timeline is essential. Write down the costs associated with the floorplan that you’re planning on choosing and compare it to other options. Take into consideration the type of home you’re intending to buy. For example, if you’re planning on remodeling an existing home from a traditional floorplan to an open concept floorplan, you’ll need to take into consideration the costs associated with opening up an existing layout. This is where you and your builder will need to discuss your options. Having an initial idea in mind will help you select the right builder for your project that will meet your design and budget needs.

Choose Between a Custom Design or Modify a Standard Plan

If you are looking for something extremely custom, you may need to consider hiring an architect and designing something completely from scratch; however, there are several drawbacks to this. First, it is typically more costly to do an all-custom plan. Secondly, when you build a custom plan there will likely be some unexpected surprises, since you don’t have the advantage of walking through a version that has already been built. The other option is to work with a builder who has a plan close to your expectations and modify that plan. Typically that approach is less expensive, as the builder has built the plan previously and ironed out many of the bugs. Also, you have the advantage of walking through the house and knowing exactly what you like and don’t like about the plan.

Select a Builder

Your builder needs to get you…plain and simple. If you don’t see eye-to-eye with your builder, your project can suffer, so it’s important to find a builder who understands what you intend to accomplish with your floorplan and can make it all happen. Do a little research on area builders and ask yourself the following:

  • Does this builder have experience with our Southwest Florida market?
  • Is this builder well-versed in different types of floorplans?
  • What are past clients saying about this builder?
  • Does the builder do custom changes?
  • Does the builder have a variety of specs and models so I can visualize the plan?
  • What are their credentials?

In doing a bit of research, you can narrow it down to a handful of builders that you can discuss your project with to find the best fit for your home.

The Right Floorplan

In the end, it’s all about what works for you and your family. Take into consideration your options and find something that will work for you, not just now, but for the future. In having the right flow in the home, you’re able to enjoy your time in the home with your family. Know what you want, set up realistic expectations and find the right builder for the job.

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