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Florida Roofing 101: What Styles Are Best?

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A beautiful roof can be a point of pride to a homeowner, but Floridians must consider the state’s potentially catastrophic weather and climate conditions, prioritizing safety over aesthetics. After all, even if a hurricane doesn’t make landfall, its whipping winds can travel hundreds of miles, damaging any roofs in their paths. Thankfully, Frey & Son Homes has been building homes in Southwest Florida for over 50 years. Their expertise means they’re well-equipped to help homeowners choose the roofing material best suited for their new home.

Here’s what you need to consider when deciding on the right material for your Florida roof.

What Types of Roofing Are Best in Florida?

When considering the best types of roofs for Florida homes, it’s crucial to keep durability top-of-mind. That way, you won’t have to worry too much about the survival of your roof after a storm. Extreme weather aside, heat and humidity can place significant stress on a roof, especially those made of traditional materials like asphalt shingles. Therefore, you may want to consider metal, clay, concrete tiles, or natural slate for your roof.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are becoming increasingly popular because of their durability. They can resist winds up to 160 mph, and they last approximately 50 years. Metal also reflects sunlight, keeping the interior of your home cooler. As a result, you save money on utility bills.

Many homeowners appreciate the fire- and water-resistant qualities of metal roofs. This material is also more resistant to fungus growth and is practically maintenance-free. So while metal roofs are a moderate investment, their benefits and attractiveness make the price well worth it.

Clay Tiles

The second most popular roofing material in Florida is clay tiling. Like metal, clay can withstand high winds up to 130 mph and other significant weather conditions. You may need to repair clay tile more frequently than other materials, but these roofs can last between 50 and 100 years when installed correctly.

Here are some benefits of clay tiles:

  • They are aesthetically pleasing
  • They absorb little heat to help the inside stay cooler
  • They are available in numerous styles, shapes, and colors
  • They appraise at a higher value and sell faster than homes with other materials

However, clay tiles have disadvantages as well. For example, minor cracks caused by a storm may cause problems with the underlayment. They are also susceptible to damage from the acid in bird droppings, making it essential to have your roof routinely pressure washed.

Concrete Tiles

Concrete roofing tiles mimic the look of more expensive materials, but they’re more lightweight than options like clay tiles. They also protect homes against extreme weather conditions and don’t quickly rot.

The lighter weight of concrete also puts less pressure on home structures. Unfortunately, this also means that it’s more fragile than other materials and breaks more easily.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most affordable roofing option.  However, they are most likely to be damaged by strong winds and subsequently leak.  Due to this insurance companies will require asphalt shingles to be replaced more frequently than concrete tile so while less expensive initially, they may be more costly in the long run.

Natural Slate

Slate may be an eco-friendly, fire-resistant material, but it is less wind-resistant than other materials, only rated to withstand speeds of up to 110 mph. However, this material can last for many years.

The downside is that natural slate is heavy and challenging to source. This isn’t a problem, however, if you work with a professional building company to determine whether your house can support it and efficiently source the material.

Ask a Pro About Florida Roofing Materials

Learning what types of roofing are best in Florida is essential when building a new home. Talk to the professionals at Frey & Son Homes for more information about materials that provide a long-lasting solution. Call us today!