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Embrace Coastal Living

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Southwest Florida Coastline

Research has shown there are several benefits to living near water. Frey & Son Homes has been building custom homes for clients on or near the water for over 50 years. We have a wealth of experience working with clients who wish to embrace the coastal lifestyle in Southwest Florida. 

Spending time on or near the water has many restorative benefits. Building a custom home in a place like Cape Coral, Florida makes access to waterfront living affordable and enjoyable. With over 400 miles of waterfront canal living, Cape Coral allows homeowners to build their dream homes right on the water. What draws so many people to the beautiful coastline every year? These homeowners have learned that there are a myriad of benefits of living near the water. Here are 5 reasons why embracing waterfront living in Southwest Florida can benefit your health and wellbeing. 

Improved Mental Health 

When you hear, see and smell fresh water, the body and mind instantly relaxes and enters a restorative state. Studies have consistently shown that being close to water can lead to higher health benefits including positive moods and reduced stress. 

Increased Physical Health 

People who live near the water tend to participate in more physical activity. Walking on the beach, swimming, kayaking or paddle boarding, enjoying a day on the boat are all possible when you live near a body of water. Eating a healthier diet that includes more fresh fish is also a benefit of being close to the water.  

Enhanced Social Ties 

Many communities along the coast have strong social ties and a sense of community. When people live in an active community they are more likely to engage in activities and make more social connections. Living near the water and being outside encourages neighbors to engage with each other as well as people to interact with clubs and groups that cater to their interests like boating and fishing. 

Continuous Fresh Air 

Coastal breezes usher in cleaner air. With the continuous gentle winds that come off of the water, air quality tends to be higher in coastal areas than urban cities. The specific type of coastal breeze that waterfront living enjoys has been shown to improve respiratory function and of course, when you breathe better, you feel better! 

A Room with a View 

Just viewing a water image has been shown to reduce blood pressure and increase feelings of relaxation. Imagine waking up and sipping coffee every morning on your lanai in your custom home by Frey & Son Homes? Every day would start off on the right foot when you realize your dream home is in paradise. 

Embracing coastal living means embracing better health both physically and mentally. From tranquil mornings on the lanai to fun in the sun, the secret is out on the benefits of waterfront living. Southwest Florida is the perfect paradise to bring that lifestyle to fruition for you and your family.  

Contact the home building experts at Frey & Son Homes so we can begin building your future waterfront home together. Call us at 239-495-8200 or visit our website www.freyandson.com for more information.