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A Note From Our Client: Mr. Soesman

By January 25, 2024No Comments

At Frey & Son Custom Homes we pride ourselves on delivering a top-quality custom home for our clients. We stand behind our 50-year history of quality and work to make sure our client’s expectations are met and exceeded.  

It always brightens our day when a satisfied client takes the time to write us a thank you note like the one below from our recent client, Mr. Soesman. 


Ty Natalie. I’m happy with everything that has happened in the last year 

and a half. I expected a nightmare after hearing about the builders and 

subs down there. Your company, I’m happy to say, has been more than 

accommodating and always on top of any problem that has occurred. From 

you and Mike that I first met to Karen helped me with my choices to my 

super that who has always been there to straighten things out that 

needed to be righted. Also, the many suggestions he’s made to make the 

house as beautiful as it is (one just yesterday). I’m very thankful to 

you and all of Frey and son for making my dream house come to life. 

Thank you again for everything! 

Mr. Soesman 


Thank you, Mr. Soesman for your kind words and we hope your new home brings you and your family years of happiness. 


The Frey & Son Team