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5 Reasons to Love the Verona 2 Floor Plan

By March 18, 2024No Comments

Even though Frey & Son Homes offers a wide range of floor plans, many of our customers choose the Verona 2 plan. This layout is especially popular because it’s spacious and provides features that families can adapt to match their lifestyles.

When you’re looking for a floor plan that will help you make the most out of your daily living experience, look no further than the Verona 2.

1. Enjoy Outdoor Recreation and Entertaining

When looking at the pros and cons of building a custom home, you might focus on the opportunities for recreation. Additionally, you’ll probably want an outdoor space that you can use for entertaining.

The Verona 2 layout addresses both of these concerns with an expansive outdoor patio. The entertaining area is large enough to include grilling equipment or a full outdoor kitchen.

For recreation, consider adding the optional custom pool package. Your family won’t have to travel to the beach or a community pool to take a refreshing dip. Conveniently enjoy the advantages of having your own private pool.

2. Make Meal Prep a Breeze With an Open Kitchen

The kitchen in this floor plan is open without internal walls blocking the view of the great room. This means you can keep an eye on dinner while engaging in conversation with your family or guests. The open area provides enough space for the arrangement of your dining and living room furniture.

A kitchen island makes it easier to wash dishes after each meal without feeling overcrowded or closed off from the rest of the home. Finally, a walk-in pantry completes this part of the Verona 2 custom home floor plan, providing plenty of food storage space.

3. Use the Study in This Custom Home Floor Plan to Work From Home

The layout of this floor plan includes a study. Whether you already work from home or you want to start pursuing freelancing opportunities, the study gives you a secluded place to work.

Create your own space in the study by modifying it for use as any of the following:

  • Home office
  • Art studio
  • Writing room
  • Game room
  • Children’s playroom

You can use the study to pursue any hobbies or remote career opportunities that interest you.

4. Enjoy the Convenience of Three Full Baths

The Verona 2 floor plan features a master bedroom with an attached master bathroom. Additionally, there is a full bathroom beside the utility room and close to the second bedroom. You’ll find a third full bathroom adjacent to the third and fourth bedrooms at the opposite end of the house. The availability of three bathrooms ensures no one will have to wait in line to use them.

5. Grow Your Family or Host Guests With Plenty of Sleeping Space

This custom home floor plan features a master bedroom and three additional bedrooms. Whether you already have a large family or expect to gain in-laws or grandchildren in the future, you’ll have enough sleeping space for everyone to rest comfortably. .

Alternatively, turn one or more rooms into guest bedrooms. When you entertain houseguests, you’ll be able to provide them with private and luxurious  sleeping arrangements.

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