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4 Important Questions for Your Custom Home Builder

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Why look for a pre-built home when you can build your own from scratch? According to this Old House, single-family homes accounted for 73% of the newly built homes in 2022. To ensure you have the home you envision, you need the right professional who can handle the project. Here are questions for a custom home builder.

1. How Many Years Have You Been in Business?

The last thing you want is a home builder with little experience. After all, building a home from scratch involves many steps, permits, designs, redesigns, subcontractors, etc. The more experience a custom home builder has, the easier the project will go. Plus, you don’t want to run the risk that there’ll be any delays because you have someone inexperienced on the job.

2. What Are the Warranty Terms?

Most reputable contractors will offer some warranty. However, all warranty policies aren’t the same. As you’re investing in a builder, make sure they have warranty terms for the service or the materials used that satisfy you. A warranty may be as short as a year or several years, if not a lifetime.

3. How Long Do You Estimate the Project Will Take?

There was no set period for completing a new home. How long your building project will take depends on the size of your home, the lot location, and the type of materials used. Will your custom home build involve materials shipped in from afar, like certain types of marble? Then the project may take longer than one that only needs locally sourced materials. Plus, the experience of your custom home builder and their relationship in the community can also affect how quickly they can finish things up.

4. May I Have Some References?

You should always check references for any contractor. Speaking to references allows you to speak to previous clients who can vouch for their professionalism and final result quality. After all, if you have the assurance that the home builder can complete projects on time and to specification, you’ll feel more comfortable hiring them.

Building your dream home is quite an achievement. You need the right professional on your side to get the home you’ve always envisioned. For an experienced custom home builder who has the experience you need and can answer any questions you have, contact Frey & Son Homes for a consultation.