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Trending 2024 Home Designs

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Neutral Decor

When you start the journey of building a custom home you are faced with making lots of decisions. From big decisions like the right floor plan for your lifestyle down to the smallest details, you want to ensure the selections you make are ones that you love and reflect your personality. Working with the expert team at Frey & Son Homes will allow you to select options that are on trend and make your new home feel luxurious.

A big question many clients have is how do they design their new home so it can change with the trends seamlessly. Trends come and go but if you focus on the following design trends that are popular, your custom home can feel timeless for years to come.

Focus on Neutrals

The last decade brought a lot of grey. Grey floors and walls were standard in many new builds to meet buyers preferences. Fortunately, 2024 is bringing in a wide variety of neutral colors that will stand the test of time. Shades of beiges, warm browns, cream, off-white and other neutrals have been breaking out as the new way to add layers and texture to homes. The neutral colors also create lighter and brighter spaces, perfect for Florida living.

Functional Floor Plans

The open-concept layout has ruled floor plans for a long time. Since the rise in working from home since 2020 builders are seeing a shift in buyers wanting to create more defined spaces that give them more unique function to their home. Specific spaces like a home office or flexible loft space like the ones featured in our St. Kitts floor plan are popular as they give homeowners options to change the way they live in their home as their needs change.

Custom Secondary Spaces

Custom secondary spaces offer homeowners a functional and accessible space for their lifestyle that blends into the natural design of the home. Spaces like this can include areas such as a:

  • Butler’s pantry
  • Mud room
  • Custom laundry room
  • Coffee bar

Homeowners are looking for unique spaces that will accommodate their stuff while also being aesthetically pleasing. These secondary spaces can make daily life easier to manage while giving the homeowner more flexibility in how they use their space.

Unique Custom Features

Layering the entire house in trendy designs can date your new home quickly. One way to ensure your new home remains personalized but design functional is by incorporating unique features in specific areas. Homeowners can choose a unique mosaic tile for the bathroom floor, unique lighting fixtures throughout or eye-catching architectural details that won’t overwhelm the entire home but add visual interest to a room 

Smart Technology

Technology is here to stay and incorporating smart technology into your new home is a smart choice. From garage doors controlled by an app on your phone to voice-activated lighting, the goal of integrating technology into a new home is to make daily life easier, more efficient and seamless.

The experts and Frey & Son are ready to get started on your new home that fits your lifestyle today and for generations to come. Contact us today at (239) 495-8200 or visit www.freyandson.com.