Ultimate Guide to Building a Hurricane-Ready Home

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Hurricane season has officially begun, which means that now through November 30th, areas affected by the Atlantic hurricane season will need to be on high alert when it comes to potential inclement weather. When building a new home in Southwest Florida, it’s strongly advised to take hurricanes into careful consideration, because let’s face it…one is bound to crash upon our shores eventually, and you can never be too prepared. Fortunately, there are ways that you can fortify your new home, so that you can be sure that your family and your belongings stay safe during a storm. Here is our…

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Hurricane Protection for your Custom Home

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Living in Southwest Florida, we need to be prepared for inclement weather. High winds, rain and flying debris all have the potential to damage a home, and that’s why it’s important that homeowners protect their property with hurricane protection. Having adequate hurricane protection on your home is essential to preventing extreme damage should a devastating storm cross our path. This is why many residents who are building a new custom home opt for hurricane protection right away. Let’s discuss the various options when it comes to hurricane protection for your custom home. Hurricane Protection Options Hurricane protection not only protects…

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