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Creating an Outdoor Oasis

Outdoor Lanai

You’ve found your dream waterfront lot, and your Frey & Son custom home is coming to life. In Southwest Florida, the magic doesn’t stop at the inside of your home. Living in paradise means creating a seamless connection between the interior of your home and the breathtaking outdoors. This is where your lanai takes center stage!

Here’s how to transform your lanai from a simple extension into a luxurious outdoor haven that complements your waterfront lifestyle:

Designing the Basics:

· Embrace the View: Floor-to-ceiling pocket sliding doors are a game-changer. When fully open, they disappear entirely, creating a seamless connection with the outdoor space and maximizing your enjoyment of the waterfront vistas.

· Zoning for Activities: Carve out designated areas for various activities. Imagine a plush seating arrangement for al fresco dining, complete with a built-in fire pit for cozy evenings under the stars. Create a separate space for sun loungers and a refreshing infinity pool, all with breathtaking waterfront views.

· Climate Control: Southwest Florida sunshine is something we don’t take for granted but we also appreciate a cool, shady spot to relax in. Consider adding a decorative pergola or incorporating a retractable awning system or mobile umbrellas to extend your shade. This allows you to bask in the sunshine or shield yourself from its rays, ensuring year-round enjoyment of your lanai.

Add a Spot of Luxury:

· Chef’s Dream Outdoor Kitchens: Keep the heat outside and elevate your culinary experiences with a high-end outdoor kitchen. The options are endless with top-of-the-line grills, integrated pizza ovens, wine coolers, and sleek countertops.

· Aesthetic Features: The sound of water adds a touch of serenity or fire bowls set the mood during your next cocktail party. Consider incorporating a cascading water feature or fire bowls to create a captivating visual element.

· Mood Lighting: Once the sun sets you want to be able to continue to enjoy the outdoors. Consider adding string lights or strategically placed custom lanai lighting that will create a warm glow after sunset.

Furnishing your Lanai:

· Functional Furniture: Outdoor furniture takes a hit in Southwest Florida between the sun and summer rains. Invest in quality, weather resistant furniture that will fit your lifestyle and design. Outdoor furniture comes in plenty of options. From plush sectionals, comfortable dining chairs, and chaise lounges, you will have more than enough options to find the perfect spots for relaxation and entertaining.

· Accent with Flair: Landscaping in Florida can be bright and vibrant. Bring those elements into your space with accent pillows, outdoor rugs, and pottery to add a personal touch to your space.

Incorporating these unique design trends and elements in your waterfront property will transform your outdoor living space from basic to exquisite and extend your Frey & Son custom home to the outdoors as a place to relax, entertain and enjoy. A well-planned, functional lanai that reflects your personality and lifestyle will bring you joy for years to come. Contact us at Frey & Son today to begin your custom home journey!